About Us


Dignity Direct Homecare provides quality home care services to people living in London boroughs, Yorkshire and Merseyside. We enable our service users to access the expert care they need, whilst continuing to live in homes that they know and love.

Our care workers provide expert support for a broad range of service users. We offer:

Care for older people, providing both traditional domiciliary care and support within our innovative extra care scheme

A Quality Reablement service to help people adapt to life at home following a period of serious illness or injury.

Care for adults and children with specialised care needs such as physical or learning disabilities, as well as offering dedicated Dementia and End of Life care programmes

Live-in care worker support, a Carer’s Respite Programme as well as Sleep and Waking Night Care

Dignity Direct Homecare currently provides quality support to hundreds of local people each year. Our services can be commissioned by local authorities as well as by privately funded individuals.

Our aim is to deliver care which improves the lives of our service users and treating them, and their families, with respect, dignity and compassion. We believe that our service should not only be in line with the Care Act 2014 but should deliver excellence and enable people to live their lives safely and well.

Our quality pledge enforces our commitment to enhancing the experience of the people we care for by:

Improving the ways in which we recruit our care workers by strengthening background checks, and ensuring strict monitoring to ensure that our services users are in safe hands

Increasing the standards of our training for every care worker in line with the Skills for Care Induction for Care Workers, giving them the knowledge and understanding they need to care for people in a way which is respectful and protects the dignity

Investing in additional specialist training to better equip care workers who support those with more complex care needs

Enhancing transparency by implementing our outcome-based model which allows services to identify exactly what they want their support to achieve and to measure our success against it

We review our performance and the way in which we do things on a regular basis, taking into account the views of our service users, our regulator (the Care Quality Commission) and our professional partners, in an effort to continually improve the services we offer.