“I just went to visit Mr P today and he wanted me to let you know that he is very happy with the service you are providing him.  Mr P looked better than I have ever seen him (his hair looked great!) and his flat was the cleanest I have ever seen it.  I understand Mr P is getting on well with his regular carer B. “

Social Worker R I

“My mum (A) passed away last night and I don’t know I will cope without her but your many kindness, help and the gentle care was very vital. The way you looked after my mum means so much to me and my family. At this very short time you knew my mum she became very friendly of you and called you her “girls”. Thanks for your help and kindness.”

From S S

“I would like to say I am very happy with my carer. She looks after me very well and we get on okay”

From D D

“The office team at Dignity Direct Homecare and special thanks to carers A, J, and F for all your care and support”

From C U

“I write to confirm that I have been pleased by the level of care being provided by this company, and I am satisfied with the level and quality of care offered directly to me by my on-site home carers. I would like to specifically mention the care I receive by F, B, and K, which to date has been of a high standard and professional, they have been very attentive to my needs at what is a challenging time for me given my health needs and requirements”

From S S

“I have been with dignity Direct Homecare for 14 months. The service they provide is excellent service, they are extremely patient; giving back my dignity in embarrassing situations such as personal service. In all honesty, I am not the easiest of clients to deal with. Nevertheless, they manage to tolerate my behaviour.”

From H W

“Since they started in December, we have found M and Sh to be extremely professional. They are punctual and compassionate and have developed a great rapport with my husband- especially M, in whom my husband has 100% trust. We are very satisfied with the service provided by Metro Homecare. All the staff we encountered are a testament to Dignity Direct Homecare

From SSH